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Francis K. Godson


He is a Sierra Leonean and reside in the UK, he is so passionate about development and have feelings in helping the vulnerable or less privilege in society to realize their true potentials so they too can fulfill their dreams in society.


Francis is the International Ambassador for Movement towards Education and Youth Empowerment-Sierra Leone (MEYE-SL) He has really been working hard in representing the good image of the organization outside.

Zuhra Aman

Zuhra Aman is an International development professional. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science with major in International relations; and a postgraduate diploma in development leadership from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Additionally, she received several certificates and diplomas in management, leadership, development and humanitarian sectors from United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Hiroshima, Japan; Coady International Institute, Nova Scotia, Canada; Mercy Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Port Dickson, Malaysia. Zuhra has previously worked as Managing Director for Skills Training and Rehabilitation Society (STARS).


Earlier she worked as deputy program coordinator for Coordination of Afghan Relief (CoAR) in Kabul, Afghanistan. In Pakistan, she has worked for Afghan Women Network (AWN), and Refugee Education Trust (RET). She has successful track record in development and humanitarian sectors with significant experience in women’s empowerment, gender mainstreaming, child protection, poverty alleviation, and disaster risk reduction and management in South Asian countries, mostly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She is passionate to support communities to capitalize on their own values and assets.


Zuhra has voluntarily served as board member and member in different national and regional organizations and networks, Such as South Asian Initiative to End Violence against Children-SAARC, Asian Disaster Risk Reduction Network, CIVICUS, Civil Society Empowerment Network, Afghan Women Network, UNITAR, and Afghan Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief. She currently works as a CADEX (Canadian Exchange) Consultant for Monitoring and Evaluation with Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) for the Central Asia Health System Strengthening project, which is co-funded by Global Affairs Canada and AKFC.

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