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Six entrepreneur students graduate from our second cohort entrepreneurship training.

Partnering with Planetstartup Entrepreneurship Academy, Movement towards education and Youth Empowerment-Sierra Leone, organized a second major graduation event for the second cohort of entrepreneurship grandaunts from our Entrepreneurship and Project Management Course Trainings. The graduation which was attended by press representatives and some notables who spoke to the students on this very important day.

Through our partnership with Planetstartup Entrepreneurship Academy we have been engaged in helping to mobilize unemployed youth, adults or those with interest in using innovations, entrepreneurship as part way to unlock unemployment, improve self-reliance capacities and boost up economic growth within Sierra Leone. In this regards we have been helping potential participants in our course trainings with innovation and entrepreneurship trainings, mentorship and coaching services in order to help them set up and run their own local business, Internet-based companies as well as connecting them with partners to help them succeed.

We believe talent and initiative are distributed equally over the planet; however, opportunity, technology, as well as access to capital, payment platforms, and markets are not and we are helping to fix that.

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